“Persons and groups must feel secure in their life and right to live within a society if order is to be achieved and maintained by law. We denounce as immoral an ordering of life that perpetuates injustices and impedes the pursuit of peace. Peoples and nations feel secure in the world community when law, order, and human rights are respected and upheld.” We advocate for legislation that addresses the public health crisis caused by gun-related violence that destroys people’s lives every day. We are committed to decreasing gun-related violence, increasing gun safety, and healing victims and survivors traumatized by gun-related violence (cf. Isaiah 2:3-4, Micah 4:2-3, Matt. 5:9).

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As of July 2022, our nation has been traumatized by 617 mass shootings. Bishop LaTrelle Easterling has released a number of statements as these shootings have continually unfolded in places like Smithsburg, MD, Uvalde, TX, Buffalo, NY, Charlottesville, VA, Colorado Springs, CO, and Chesapeake, VA. We mourn, grieve and pray for those who have lost…

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