Gun Violence Prevention | Legislative Action

Support the Assault Weapons Ban of 2023

From Monday, June 6 to Monday, June 12, 2023, family members of students who were killed at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida on February 14th, 2018 will hold a seven-day Youth Survivor sit-in at the U.S. Capitol. They are inviting survivors from across the country who have been impacted by gun violence to join…

Legislative Action | Native American Ministries

Reintroduce and Pass Legislation to Establish a Truth and Healing Commission

On March 3, 1819, the passage of the Indian Civilization Fund Act authorized and encouraged the harmful and forceful assimilation of Indigenous peoples. The Act was instrumental in the proliferation of Indigenous boarding school policies. Over 200 years later, efforts to address and to repair generational trauma continue.  On May 11, 2022, the Department of the Interior…

Legislative Action

Why Should United Methodist Take Part in Legislative Advocacy?

Active members of The United Methodist Church are motivated to engage in mission projects. We offer direct service through our communities or congregations. We meet people at the point of their needs. But many United Methodists are also engaged in advocating for justice. Some of us may have questions about what it means to take…

Legislative Action

2023 UMC Legislative Advocacy Days

Join the Baltimore-Washington Conference and the Peninsula-Delaware Conference for our 2023 Legislative Advocacy Days! Legislative Advocacy Days are an opportunity for United Methodists to meet their representatives and advocate for United Methodist values. This allows the voices of United Methodists to be heard and considered when our representatives make important decisions that impact the lives…

Immigrant Rights | Legislative Action

Urge Congress to Protect DACA Recipients by Passing the Dream Act

On October 5, 2022, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the 2021 district court decision that ruled the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy unlawful.  The case now goes back to the district court for renewed consideration of the new DACA rule published by the Biden administration. However, only Congress has the tools…

Legislative Action | Restorative Justice

Establish the Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding School Policies Act

For more than two hundred years assimilation processes have been adopted by the United States Government. These policies were intended to strip American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian children of their Indigenous identities, beliefs, and languages. These Indian Boarding School Policies established federally funded, off-reservation, and Christian-run Indian boarding schools. The motto to “kill…

Gun Violence Prevention | Legislative Action

Support Gun Violence Prevention Now

As of July 2022, our nation has been traumatized by 617 mass shootings. Bishop LaTrelle Easterling has released a number of statements as these shootings have continually unfolded in places like Smithsburg, MD, Uvalde, TX, Buffalo, NY, Charlottesville, VA, Colorado Springs, CO, and Chesapeake, VA. We mourn, grieve and pray for those who have lost…

Immigrant Rights | Legislative Action

End Discriminatory Immigration Practices of Title 42

On April 1, 2022, the Biden Administration announced its firm commitment to end Title 42, a discriminatory policy that prevents migrants from declaring asylum at the US/Mexico border. In response to the end of Title 42 Governor Abott of Texas issued an aggressive action to begin bussing migrants and asylum seekers from the southern border to Washington, DC.